Monday, August 5, 2013

My First Post!

      Hello Everyone! I can't believe I am actually here. I am taking a huge leap people....... Today, I step out of lurkdom and into the blogging world!!! I am a bit nervous (can you tell???)   Anywhoo...Where should I start????  hummm???  Well, in the immortal words of Maria Von Trapp.... "Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start." (The Sound of Music for all of you non musical fans out there :D )
I'm Amy,  I'm a christian, a wife to my Hunky Hubby Dennis, and a homeschooling mother to 6 littles ranging from Teen to Toddler! I love to decorate  & remodel. I have a bit of a crafty/DIY side. I'm Blessed beyond measure and Loved by an ALMIGHTY GOD!

When I decided to try my hand at blogging I was sifting through titles and names in my head trying to come up with the best fit for what I want my blog to be about... and I kept being taken back to this memory I had of the kids. This memory was just a snippet in time of our crazy hectic life. But, it was in that snippet that I felt God speaking to me.  Would you like me to tell you the story? OK :D

It actually happened last year. The weather was so much different than it is this year. This year we have had an abundance of rain here in the south. RAIN RAIN AND MORE RAIN. But last year it was dry, there had not been any rain in months. We was experiencing a major heat wave and I remember vividly how hot and dry everything was. It was even too hot for the kids to be outside for very long. Maybe this is the time I should add that we live in a very small 1400 sq ft house. Can you say tight??? LOL!!! Anyway, it started to rain, and because it was so hot and so dry it was something that caught our attention right away. The clouds formed and the sky darkened and the heavens opened! It poured down!!!

Like we say in the south "It rained cats and dogs" But there was not a bit of thunder or lightning... Just that wonderful wet stuff!!! We were all crowded under the eves of our front porch  and in the door way just bugged eyed watching it. Well my oldest son was dared to run out in the yard by one of his siblings and he did getting drenched in no time. And of course in our house if one kid is allowed to do something then somehow they all think they can do it too. Before I knew what was happening they were all out there jumping and laughing in the rain.

Wouldn't you know my oldest daughter spotted the mud puddle across the street. And made a beeline for it and that was all it took. They all ended up in that muddy puddle splashing and playing and jumping and my daughter, the princess, the one that is all about pink and frilly and girly laid down and rolled through that murky muddy water!!!!  Of course the Hunky Hubbs and I were in the moment laughing at our crazy littles when it was like God whispered through my mind  "This is what it is all about Amy... don't be so serious about things... remember the joys and take things as they come."  Who cares what anyone who happened to drive by might think about the kids in that muddy hole.   

It was a memory I will not ever forget.   It was that memory that brought about the name for this blog.

I have so many things to share with you, so many stories and thoughts and ideas. I promise if you come back we will have fun. I'll leave you my friends with the Priestly Blessing that we speak over our children every night before bed. "May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you favor and give you peace." -Numbers 6: 24-26


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