Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why we chose to homeschool our family and our 2013-14 curriculum choice (pt.2)

I promised a few days ago to fill ya'll in on our curriculum choice. So I thought I would do a quick post about it before finishing up our weekly schedule.

Yesterday began a new year for us here at the McGill Family Academy. We started off with a special breakfast of pancakes (a favorite for everyone!!!) Then moved along easily into the day. We really did not do any real work today just looked through our books and got a feel for what we were going to be tackling this year.

The oldest boys are in high school this year (in my best Shaggy voice from Scooby-Doo... YIKES!!!)
Although they are now in 9th grade I found that last year we were doing a lot of catch up  from their previous public school experience. So this year we are trying to buckle down.

Here is a list of their work load....
 Bible: (I like doing this best as a  group)/ S.O.A.P. study- We are working toward reading the Bible through in a year, WRITE THROUGH THE BIBLE- Philippians 2:1-18The Narrow Way-Character Curriculum

History: Mystery of History vol 1 (again as a family group) We will be doing a bit of geography along with MOH as we track the places and lives of the people we will be studing.

Language ArtsRod and Staff English 8 (yes, they could have done 9&10 but I feel that Rod and Staff is advanced , especially in diagramming sentences. They will be reading To Kill a Mockingbird and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and I am still deciding what else.. we feel it is very important they read a good deal of the classics as well as modern literature... last year we read "The Pigman", "Treasure Island", "Kingdom Tales" "A wrinkle in Time" and "Lord of the Flies."

Science: Exploring Creation with Physical Science... They will be doing this as an online class through "The Virtual Homeschool Group"

Pre-Algebra: Teaching Textbooks (We did pre-alg. the last half of our school year last year. The first half was really a catch up. But I felt it was important that they get a full year of it since mathematics is used through-out our lives. :D )

P.E.:  YMCA with the family :D (told you Noah was looking forward to PE this year)

Noah 9th grade

Devin 9th grade


Megan-Ann is now in Middle School- 6th grade. Here is a run-down of her curriculum.
Bible and History: same as the  older boys  and done with the family...
also Pre-Algebra Teaching Textbooks, will be done along with the boys. She is very smart and above grade level... (can you tell I am one proud Momma???) 
Language Arts- Rod and Staff 6 Eng./Grammar and Rod and Staff Spelling by Sound and Structure. Also Megan will be reading Where the Red Fern Grows, Swiss Family Robinson and a few more (she is just like her Momma and loves to read!!! )
Science:  Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology
Typing: Dance Mat Typing (online)
P.E.: YMCA with the family
Piano: online at Freepianolessonsforkids.com

Megan-Ann 6th grade
Now for the littles... Declan is in 3rd grade and Kayleigh is in 2nd. Again they will be doing the Bible curriculum with the rest of the crew as a family activity along with Mystery of History and P.E.. Science will be done with Megan-Ann but they do have some workbooks to supplement in the event it gets a little over their heads. Declan will be using Rod and Staff English 3 for grammar and Penmanship. (he is excited to learn cursive this year ). He also will learn multiplication and division this year. I have workbooks for these. Kayleigh will be learning out of workbooks as well. I have a plethora of workbooks... Don't ask me why but I can not enter a used bookstore with out leaving with  a cart full a few more.
Declan 3rd grade

Kayleigh second grade
And last but not least, there is Teagan. He will be 4 in October, not quite ready for real learning as of yet but that does not stop him from thinking he is working right along with the rest of them... :D He will get his coloring book and climb up to the table and tell us it is "Time for his homework" then proceeds to scribble his little heart out... :D I LOVE that kiddo!!!

Teagan (does the child never wear a shirt???)
So, that is pretty much it.... How about you? Are you all geared up for school? What grades are your kiddos in? I would love to hear from you drop me a line!!!

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