Friday, January 3, 2014

Back after a Hiatus & When it rains it pours...

Hello all my lovely friends! I'm back after a hiatus which was supposed to be brief but in fact turned into a few months. If you are still here and reading this... I'm sorry and I promise to give you a heads-up before I go AWOL again. O'kay? 

In my defense though I have to say that we have been so crazy busy here in our little home and several things have happened that has been totally beyond my control. Have you even heard the expression "When it rains it pours"? Well boy has it been pouring over here!!!! I'm talking about Thunderstorms and Gullywashers!!!  

I think I told you before that October was a crazy month for our family with 3 of the kids birthdays and the Hunky Hubbs and my Wedding Anniversary. (A fourth child's birthday follows on Nov. 4th). Well, on top of the normal controlled chaos that is life here in our large family and the Birthdays and the Anniversary and Thanksgiving and all the extra shopping and then Christmas (whew are you tired yet??? Just remembering it all makes me tired... I need a nap. Wake me in an hour.....ZZzzzzzz.) Anywho.... life got even more chaotic than normal when "storm" #1 hit.

Remember my lovely newly remodeled Kitchen???? Remember all those beautiful dark hardwood floors that Hubbs and I slaved and sweated over for days and days????

Our Kitchen after new flooring installed...

 Well, Our refrigerator's ice maker decided to spring a leak in the least obvious way possible and cause all those lovely dark hardwood floors to buckle and swell.... I'm talking we could charge admission for the roller coaster that is now my kitchen floor.

Storm #2 started as one by one the eyes on our dinosaur of a stove decided to break and go out until now we are left with the small eye on the front as our only working eye.  Imagine if you will cooking for a family of 8 with only one eye.... Nuff said.....
My Stepfather feeling sorry for me has kindly lent me his 2 burner camping stove as a back up until we can get a new stove...
Are you forming an image in your minds eye??? Are we laughing yet??? Don't forget to include me standing on the wavy floors... sheesh....

Storm #3 happened the week before Christmas. While trying to get my laundry caught up and having done several loads that day I noticed the dryer making a funny rubbing noise which only got louder and louder as the day wore on. I mentioned it to the Hunky Hubbs and he looked at it and not seeing anything just let it go...... well right in the middle of a load of quilts and sheets it goes out completely....... DEADER THAN A DOORNAIL!!!!!!
If we were not camping before we certainly look that way now... I have taken to hanging the drying laundry around the house on chairs and any available door or hanging surface. LOL!!!!! Now we need not only a stove but a dryer.....

Are you keeping up with it all????? Are you tired yet????? Need a nap????

The Gullywasher happened on Christmas Day. We were traveling to Hubbs parents house for our annual family get together when the transmission on our van decided that it no longer wanted to  go at a high speed and slipped in 2nd gear and stuck there..... What is normally a 30 min drive for us took a good hour. You should have seen us trying to get home that evening. We had to have my Father Inlaw drive Hubbs and the older kids home and then Hubbs came for the rest of us in his van. To make a long story short that van is DEAD.... Out of commission....DOWN FOR THE COUNT!!!!!

We are now down to one vehicle and it will not fit all of us legally to drive anywhere. Which only means that we will be not only in the market for new flooring for the kitchen, a new stove and a new dryer but now a new Van. 

 In my best Charlie Brown voice.....GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!

All I can say is Thank God 2014 is now here and we can put 2013 behind us!!!! 

I've got some really exciting news to share with you very soon. So keep checking back with me. or better yet, follow me on facebook or google plus so you can stay up to date with all of the crazy happenings here. :D

I am so blessed to have each and everyone of you in my life.



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