Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Something We Have Always Wanted

We love music! There is just something about the sound of music drifting through the house that makes it feel more homey. Don't you agree?

 For the longest time we have been wanting a piano. When Megan-Ann was around six or seven she took piano lessons for only a few weeks before her piano teacher moved and we never found a replacement. Not sure why we never pursued it... she was young and was not that interested in it, she hated the practice it required so that was that.

Well, a few weeks ago my Dad called and asked if we wanted his upright piano. They purchased a farm a couple of years ago and the piano was bought along with a lot of other antiques at that time from the previous owner who was down sizing. No one plays the piano at my Dad's house and they figured we might use it. WHY OF COURSE WE WOULD!!!

Megan was thrilled!!!!  So this weekend we went and picked it up along with a few other pieces I am excited about. (I'll get to those in another post...)

Isn't it pretty??? It is old but in great shape.. Not sure how old.. I need to do some research.

Can you tell that Megan-Ann is just like her Momma she could not wait to decorate the top of this beauty.  I think she did a pretty good job don't you?  I think the statues on the sconces are quite fitting and add a nice touch to our little music area.
(There are a few scratches you  can see on the bench seat... a mishap while it was being transported from my Dad's home to ours...eek!! My Dad won't be too pleased....but I am just glad it got here in one piece.)

Anyway as soon as it was moved in and decorated properly it was show time... We were serenaded with a lovely rendition of Hot Cross Buns.. (the only song she remembers from her previous lessons..HAHA!!!)

Of course my littles could not wait to get their hands on it as well.

I am anticipating the day of Mozart, Beethoven, old Time Hymns and Christmas Carols  playing on this piano!!!!



  1. How wonderful to have a piano in the home! I waited almost four years of our marriage to get one {lots of anticipated moves and we didn't want to deal with moving it over and over} but once we got it, oh, how happy my piano playing fingers were! Also, my kids {1 and 3 yrs} love it and frequently go sit down to "play like Mommy." Enjoy!

  2. Hello Sarah! I wish I could play the piano, I just never learned. I am so happy though to have one in my home now. It is such a joy to hear my daughter practicing on it daily even if it is just the scales, finger powers or Engine Engine Number Nine... LOL!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!