Thursday, September 12, 2013

I WON!!!!

I am not exaggerating when I say that I never win anything!!!

I must have the worst luck.

Anyway I was so surprised to get an email from Sarah Over at My Joy Filled Life informing me that I actually won the beautiful Nature Bible for kids by Tommy Nelson.
Isn't it so sweet!!!! 
I love the fact that it zips up to keep it safe when traveling to and from church and the colors are adorable as well.
I know a little boy that is going to be so thrilled to wake up on Christmas morning and find this under the tree.
This guy right here....

I know Christmas is still like 3+ months away but with 6 kids we find ourselves shopping year round for gifts.  It keeps us from being so stressed out during the Holidays  running around trying to get everything on their list, and from becoming so broke.. LOL!!!  When we shop year round it seems we are better able to sit back and enjoy the season. 
Anyone else shop year round??
A Bible was #1 on this little guys list.  Makes a Mommy proud... :D
I wanted to jump up and down when I got the email from Sarah telling me I had actually won!!! Thank you Sarah for this wonderful giveaway!!! My Joy Filled Life is a great blog that I love to read.  If you haven't already you should check it out!
I'm so happy that this is one item I can check off our shopping list... now like a Bazillion more....
If you would like to get one  of these wonderful Bibles for the little guy or gal in your life you can find it on Amazon here.
Thanks for stopping by my friends!!! 
I hope you have a Blessed rest of the day!!!!



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