Friday, August 23, 2013

Two Weeks In...

Well we are two weeks into our second year homeschooling and I can already tell that I am loving the choices I made in our curriculum so much better than last year. I say "I"  because  for the most part the Hunky Hubbs leaves school up to me. He sees the hours of research I spend on line pouring over curriculum and homeschooling resources and as long as I give him a heads up on the choices I make and why he is all too  happy to steer clear and let me have the wheel.

     Last year we used My Father's World. I did like it and for the most part my kids did as well. Except for my oldest boys, they were a bit bored of it all. It was hard to keep them focused and they did not like having to wait for the littles to get their work finished before we moved along to the next subject.  For a kid with ADHD you can imagine my oldest son was in agony trying to remain focused.

So, this year I did not go with a set curriculum but pieced my own together and I can tell you they are all so much happier with the decisions I made. They love being able to work at their own pace. I won't go into the spill of all the books we chose again, since I just shared all about it a few posts earlier.

I can tell you though that one thing I am really excited about is The Mystery of History

The Mystery of History
 I love history, it was my favorite subject in school, and I think the kids are really liking it as well. We have begun a little time line starting with the creation of the world and Adam and Eve and we will continue to add to this for each new person that is introduced to us. From what I have read from other homeschooling families and blogs it can become pretty elaborate by the time we are finished with it. I'll keep you posted on it's progress.

Do you have a homeschool room or a designated place you homeschool? I wish we could have a homeschool room. I would have it decorated all cute with bulletin boards and my dry erase board, maps and school related posters all over the walls... Huge book cases full to the brim with neatly organized books ...And a cute little desk for me  and cubbies for each of my "students". Our mascots  (the longest living gold fish in history) would reside in there as well.  Yup, I can just imagine it all.. Perhaps like this one from My Joy Filled Life.

 Isn't it darling? She has done a great job!!! (Maybe someday..)

For now, we usually start our day at the Dining table with Bible but mid-way through the day the oldest two have abandoned the table for the couches, laptops and books spread everywhere, I guess it is more relaxing like that.

  I fought this last year but honestly I am not sure why. I've found this year that as long as they are staying focused and doing their work they are learning just the same. So, now I'm OK with it.  

How about you? Do you insist on everyone sitting at a table together to get the work done or are they able to spread out where ever they like?


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